Cape Robin in our garden

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While working in the garden today I was thrilled when Chris discovered that the Cape Robin had a nest just next to where we were working.  I thought she was just hanging around for the worms which we were exposing.  These she pounced on with glee!  I had forgotten that she had built a nest deep in the rosemary bush last year.

Rosemary and lavender bush used by robin for nesting.

Rosemary and lavender bush used by robin for nesting.

Here is a photo of the rosemary bush where the nest is situated, and a not so good picture of the little ones in the nest.

Baby robins in nest

Baby robins in nest

I took it rather hurriedly so as not to disturb them or distress the mother.  I noticed that when we went on working in the area, she would pick up a worm and disappear into the bush quite happily not being too bothered about our presence.  The Robin tends to make its nest fairly low down so is fairly easy to disturb while gardening.

The next day(23rd), when in the garden I decided to check on the robin’s nest and take a decent picture.  To my surprise after taking the pic the young robin flew off and landed on the ground close by, before disappearing under a shrub.  Here is the young robin before he took off!

Young robin in its nest.

Young robin in its nest.

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