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Lobostemon fruticosus

I have just been away for 5 weeks.  When I got back one of the first things I did was wander around the garden to see what was flowering and what had changed during my absence.  I was thrilled to see the Lobostemon flowering, as it is the first time that I have grown it.  It is commonly called the ‘Agtdaegeneesbos’ because of its medicinal uses.  It grows wild on the farm and makes a lovely cut flower for posies.  More detailed plant information can be found on the Kirstenbosch website or the Fernkloof Nature Reserve (in Hermanus) website.

Lobostemon makes a lovely cut flower

Lobostemon makes a lovely cut flower

Close up of the lobostemon fruticosus flower

Close up of the lobostemon fruticosus flower

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Posies for Winter

It is now July and the year is speeding past.  I don’t think I’m going to try and make excuses for the lack of news.  My record so far is dismal to say the least!   I am going to try and keep you in touch with what is happening in the Heaven Scent Garden.  I hope you find the news useful or at least interesting.

Linda on mobility scooter

For all those in wheelchairs or those that battle to walk over uneven ground, I have good news………We have an electric  mobility scooter car (4 wheels so perfect balance), as well as a 2 seater golf cart, for going around the garden.  We are busy making the garden suitable for both these machines.  Over the last few years as we have run out of space, we have encroached somewhat on the pathways and without realizing it, these paths have shrunk significantly!  We are now making sure that the pathways are wide enough and that there is sufficient space for going around corners as well.

We have expanded our indigenous border significantly so that we have plenty to pick in the winter months.  For those of you interested in cutting flowers for the house we are now picking Nerine undulata, Blushing Brides, Pentas, scabiosa africana and Euryops pectinatus.

Blushing Brides with scabiosa in the background

Blushing Brides with scabiosa in the background

Butterflies also love Pentas

Butterflies also love Pentas

All this is from the indigenous border. Other flowers that we are picking include Statice perezii, Helenium, daisies, Gaillardia and Ammi majus ‘Green Goddess’.  There are still a few roses – hopefully from next year the Blushing Brides will be able to take the place of the roses in the posies we make for the Farm Stalls.

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Trees as Air Conditioners

We are into March.  The Autumn colours are just starting to peep through in some plants and others seem in quite a hurry to get into their winter gear!  I must confess I do enjoy the rose hips, the berries, the yellows and russets of the helleniums and rudbeckias, and then of course a bit of relief from the searing February sun. 

The following information comes from an article from the Farmer’s Weekly dated 9/07/1993 about trees being natural air conditioners.

Trees planted around a house so their branches overhang the roof, keep the temperature down to an agreeable level inside, and they do more.  They humidifyand freshen the atmosphere and encourage the gentle movement of air.

Functioning as a fountain the tree draws many litres of water from the soil – often more than 1 000 litres a day – and evaporates them through its leaves into the air.  Each tree then, during the daylight hours, is enveloped in a blanket of water vapour under which one is cooled and refreshed.  Some species like the willow pump out water through the leaves in the form of finely divided droplets in a mist which may be felt on the hands and face, and in certain lights seen.  When a slight breeze is blowing, the temperature under such a tree measures 5 – 10 degrees C less than the temperature outside of its canopy.

With this information I realise that I need to plant lots more trees.  There are areas of the garden that could do with a little air conditioning!

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